Why I won’t talk about my pain online – Korede Bello

Nigerian singer, Korede Bello has given reassurance that he is doing well to his supporters, who might be anxious about him.

After hearing his verse on Mr. Eazi’s song, a fan going by the name of Blessing Olaoye voiced concern for his wellbeing on the microblogging platform, X (formerly known as Twitter).

Korede had already discussed the difficult decisions he had to make in terms of his profession, saying,

“At a certain point in my life, I asked myself, “Korede, what matters most to you?” Is it the money? Fame? or the name?

After giving it some thought, I realized that I could point to so many people who had or have all of these things but never truly experience peace of mind or peace that truly lasts.

So I prayed for PEACE above all else and that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing in these years. The outside world may think I disappeared, but in my inside world, it is the worries and fears that have disappeared.”

Speaking on the song, Blessing tweeted; “I hope Korede Bello is fine. Man spoke his mind in the song jejely ft Mr. Eazi.”

In response, Korede, who gave up music to concentrate on his education, claimed that while he is fine, even if he weren’t, he wouldn’t post about his suffering on social media to prevent it from being used as entertainment.

“I am well, but even if I am not, I will not be on the Internet talking about it because I wouldn’t want people to consume my pain as entertainment. Beauty & Bliss, Thank you 💌” the singer wrote.

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