Why I set my 5 stepchildren on fire – 64-year-old man confesses

A Nigerian man identified as Joseph Ojo has confessed to the murder of five of his step children in Ondo state.

After being nabbed, Joseph in his defence, claimed the children and their mother were always maltreating him

In his words:

“I am 64 years old. I have married four wives. I did not strangulate my first wife. I have 10 children from different women. The one I married last, if I give her money to buy food, she does not give me food. She does not wash my clothes.

“She always fights me. We have been together for 2 years. She and her children used to fight and beat me. She does not fetch with that for me. she always fights me alongside her children they always beats me.

We fought the day I set the children on fire. We do not use to quarrel over s*x. Everybody in the street knows the children used to beat me. We fought the night I set them on fire.”

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