Why I refused to use makeup since I was a child – Aisha Yesufu

Co-convener, Bring Back Our Girls, Aisha Yesufu, has revealed that she’s never worn makeup since her childhood.

The mother of two took to her Twitter account to disclose this as she noted that she made the decision to not wear makeup right when she was a teenager.

According to the activist, she made a comparison with how boys are called handsome with their bare faces and said it influenced.

Yesufu explained her reason for doing so was because she believed that she can be described as a beautiful girl even without beautifying her face.

She tweeted; ”As a teenager I refused to use make up. I felt that if a boy can be called handsome without make-up then I should be called beautiful without make-up!”

In reaction to her post @Ollirex1 asked ; Wat was d outcome?

Yesufu replied; I refused to conform to the standard set by society and just did me.

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