Why I hate stingy men – Writer Chidera Slumflower

British-Nigerian author, Chidera Eggerue also known as Chidera Sunflower, has said she does not like stingy men.

She said her hate for stingy men stems from the idea of feeling unappreciated that a man who is rich would want to take her to bed without giving her money.

Chidera, who was speaking during a podcast said dating a guy who has money and is not generous is a waste of time.

The writer stated that his decision not to give her money is tantamount to him not wanting to see her happy because it means he’s comfortable watching his woman struggle despite being wealthy.

According to her, stinginess is enough for someone to know how the person that likes them would treat them if they get into a serious relationship.

Chidera said she does not have a sense of entitlement of being pampered with money because she is beautiful but she feels it’s wrong for a man to hoard his resources while expecting her to give him her body.


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