Who is JWalkerSong Tiktok: J Walker Song ex husband slept with her mother

A popular Tiktok creator, J Walker Song, revealed how her ex husband slept with her mother for five years while they were married.

Who is JWalkerSong Tiktok_ J Walker Song ex husband slept with her mother lailasnews

According to her, a day after her 33rd birthday, her then husband decided to reveal to her that he was having an affair. After being told, she was devastated and so sad and went to her mum for solace, then her mum was as agitated as she was.

Her mum went on to stalk the him as a result, only for her to discover the shocking truth seven months after.

J Walker Song discovered that her mum wasn’t actually being defensive but was actually jealous, and the pair had been dating for a whole 5 years.

On how she discovered about the illicit affair. Her mother and her ex were caught in the act by her 11 year old kid, who threatened to tell his mum if they won’t reveal themselves.

Her ex-husband would then confess to her about the illicit affair.

The pair would divorce and he would go on to get married to a 60-year-old woman afterwards.

Watch her speak below;


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