Viviana Michelle Gajardo death: Viviana Michelle Gajardo cause of death

Viviana Michelle Gajardo death: Viviana Michelle Gajardo cause of death – what happened?

Viviana Michelle Gajardo death

Viviana Michelle Gajardo lost her battle with mental illness August 3rd, 2019 at the age of 21. Vivi saved lives after her death as her organs were donated.

Vivi not only literally saved 8 lives with her heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, but impacting over 250 as her family also donated her tissue.

Her burial held Saturday, August 10th, 2019 at 6:00 PM at Caballero Rivero South.

Viviana Michelle Gajardo cause of death

Viviana Michelle Gajardo cause of death is suicide.

Viviana Michelle Gajardo sister, Monica Lopez had announced her death in a touching tribute that read:

We lost my baby sister today. My mind understands how, but my heart just can’t comprehend why. ⁣⁣

Her best friend said it best — Viviana loved everyone, her family most and her pets best. She just struggled with loving herself sometimes.⁣⁣
On behalf of my family, thank you for all the prayers, messages and calls. We heard and felt it all. ⁣⁣
Know this, she will continue to live on through others as we have decided as a family that she will be an organ donor. She would’ve wanted nothing less

After her organs were donated in a touching Walk of Honour, Monica wrote on Facebook:

Throughout the day yesterday various families got call they’ve been praying for. ⁣

Vivi is not only literally 8 lives with her heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, but impacting as we also donated her tissue. Because of her, someone will gain a strong beating heart full of love — not one, but two people will get the breath of life — ⁣and the one that really blew my mind — two people will regain their eyesight because of Vivi’s corneas. ⁣

Little did we know, God had a much, bigger plan for our baby sister than we could’ve ever imagined. ⁣
From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank each and every one of you that came to support our family — over 200+ people lined the halls as we escorted her into the OR. ⁣

The organ transplant coordinators stopped us to say they had never, ever seen a Walk of Honor of this magnitude.⁣

Words can not describe how much that meant to us.⁣
Like I said last night — for a girl who struggled to believe she mattered, tonight she watched down on us knowing without a doubt she left her mark. ⁣

Love you Vivi.

Thank you to the UM Organ Donation team + Jackson Memorial doctors and staff. Just incredible the gift you gave us tonight to experience this.

Press play to watch Viviana Michelle Gajardo’s Walk of Honour.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Viviana’s story will live on to help others suffering with mental health diseases and illness and inspire all adults to become registered organ donors.

3 thoughts on “Viviana Michelle Gajardo death: Viviana Michelle Gajardo cause of death

  1. This is such a touching story of a beautiful young woman who, like my daughter suffers from severe mental illness. What a beautiful gift Vivi gave to others with her donation of life! This path has been such a long hard road, but I pray that Vivi’s soul truly RIP.

  2. I suffer from depression n BIPOLAR and it’s so wrough sometimes. I’ve tried to commit suicide more that 7-8 times. N I realized that I cannot do this that my kids n husband suffered so much more n I don’t wanna hurt them . But most of all that I gotta be here for a reason that I just don’t know yet. God knows. So I promised my family that I would never do that again to ya. N I’ve kept my promise. I feel for her family so very much. Ppl just wanna understand n yet you really can’t unless you’ve been there. Knowing how helpless you felt they depression it takes u over. I’m so sorry for the loss of this beautiful bright shinning star in your family. God bless
    If anyone feels helpless talk to someone because god put you here for a reason don’t ask why just live your best life. Like there’s no tomorrow like every days your last because the only thing that’s guaranteed in life is death. N god will take you to heaven when it’s your time. Take care of yourself god bless

  3. Such a beautiful girl and touching story! She is now an angel looking over all the lives she saved and touched! God bless her and her family!

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