VeryDarkMan reacts as spiritualist exposes plans to silence him forever

Nigerian activist Martins Otse, widely known as VeryDarkMan, has reacted after finding himself in a disturbing situation when a spiritualist revealed that he was approached with an unsettling request to harm or eliminate him.

The spiritualist, whose identity remains undisclosed, disclosed that he had received a call soliciting his services to bring harm upon VeryDarkMan.

Upon further investigation and a recognition of the alleged positive impact the activist has had on Nigeria, the spiritualist claimed to have declined the offer to harm him.

In response to the spiritualist’s claim, VeryDarkMan expressed his disappointment and frustration, particularly towards those who appeared more concerned with protecting him than holding the spiritualist accountable for the disturbing message.

He criticized the lack of critical questioning in Nigeria and raised concerns about the spiritualist’s silence on pressing national issues, including the rising fuel prices and the struggling economy.

VeryDarkMan issued a stern warning to the spiritualist, giving him a 24-hour ultimatum to address the lack of accountability in the situation.

In VeryDarkMan’s words;

“I saw them under the comment section saying please don’t do anything to VeryDarkMan, you be mumu instead of you to ask him the right question.

“Like normally is that they pay him to make people run mad? Is he the one making the young boys on the street mad? You people don’t know how to ask question in Nigeria, he said they paid him to silence me and he saw that I’m doing good for Nigeria that’s why he didn’t silence me, what about the people wey Dey no Dey talk for Nigeria, you don silence them, you don make them run mad.

“Them suppose arrest you. So you be spiritual, you Dey see my matter but you no see say fuel price Dey go up. All the time wey we dey suffer, wey Nigeria economy dey crash you no see am. Who be this guy? Then mmm suppose arrest am, I will give you 24hours if I no run mad, you get luck say you no dey stay for Abuja if not I will find you and konk you, As you be God.

“This is it, I try so much to open you people’s eyes but una no dey ask the right question. As person wey dey follow me, you suppose know the way I dey reason.”

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