Looking for a new mobile phone that can take your style game to the next level? Whether itching for a change or looking for something in between, here is the best switch for you! Deciding this can be tough, so legooooo!

Prepare to upgrade to the latest and greatest from TECNO: the SPARK 10! Here are ten awesome reasons to switch to the hottest phone on the market to sweeten the deal. So, are you ready to join the happening side of things?

1.) The G88 Gaming Processor – There is no need to worry for game lovers because the new SPARK 10 series has the MediaTek Helio G88 (12nm) chipset, enabling one to enjoy all premium games without any lag.

2.) Memory – When buying any of the new SPARK 10 series devices, you get a phone with as much memory space as a PC. You can do anything with the 16GB RAM (8GB extended) and the 256 GB ROM. So all your files are safe, and there’d be no latency with your device.

3.) The Classic Design – The new SPARK 10 series has hard-wearing starry glass as its case, which gives the device a style lift from others in its class, and this glass is at great levels as it not only gives great design but also offers amazing protection against scratch and cracks.

4.) 5G Network – Say bye to any form of lagging on the internet with the new SPARK 10 series, as the device is powered with the 5G network allowing you to enjoy a seamless internet experience.

5.) Crisp Selfie Camera – TECNO goes one step further with the new SPARK 10 series as they put a 32MP selfie camera that enables users to glow as they are, and when you’re not in the mood for a selfie, the rear camera is as superb because TECNO puts 3 cameras at the back with the main camera being 50MP.

6.) The Operating System – Saying this new device is up-to-date merely stating the facts as the SPARK 10 boasts of the new Android OS v13 software. So you’re not only sleek with this device but also up-to-date.

7.) The 5000mAh Battery Life – What’s a great phone without a good battery. The SPARK 10 series boasts a great 5000mAh battery capacity, and charging is not an issue because an 18W cable charger enables swift charging.

8.) Immersive Screen Viewing – with the 6.8 inches size and the 85.6% screen-to-body ratio, you are guaranteed a more immersive view of your screen. So whether you are playing a game or seeing a movie, you are well-placed for a beautiful viewing experience.

9.) Affordability – From as low as NGN87,500, you get any SPARK 10 series devices in this amazing series. There is no better way to get into the top tier of digital experience than this new series.

10.) First Sale Benefits – When you buy one of the new SPARK 10 series devices, you will get the latest TECNO x Fireboy Headset, 100 days of accident protection, and a 24-month warranty. Additionally, MTN, Airtel, and 9 mobile users receive free or bonus data packages, all in the first sales promotion.

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You are convinced already, right? Walk into any TECNO-designated store to get any of the new devices in the SPARK 10 series. You can also get more information when you follow TECNO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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