UK-based Nigerian lady complains that no man has ever approached since she started living abroad

A young Nigerian lady is upset that men do not recognize her stunning attractiveness.

In a video, the stunning woman can be heard lamenting that not a single male stopped her to compliment her beauty after she dressed up and went out.

She added that no car asked her if she was headed their way or offered to give her a ride, despite the fact that she was dressed nicely and looked attractive.

She was both startled and outraged since things would have been different if it had happened in Nigeria.

Due to a lack of “toasters” where she currently resides, the woman claimed she would return to Nigeria.


Social Media Reaction:

@EruditeMee said: “Na me worst pass. I no dey even notice anybody for road once I dey drive. Shey you want make I cross a traffic light by mistake? Or jam cyclist?”

@MESIGO422 reacted: “Then come back to Nigeria and start your walkerton.”

@badbabyboy_ said: “Just like babes that will say they don’t want to date anybody except white men only for them to go abroad and still be hustling for Naija men.”

@EgwuSamuel49 said: “Better stay where you are.. Subsidy have been removed.. Nobody is going anybody’s way now.”

@brickzofficial commented: “Soon you girls will be the ones asking our hand in marriage and paying our groom’s price.”

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