UK-based mum nabs her daughter at shopping mall when she’s supposed to be in school

A video making the rounds online shows the moment an African mum caught her teenage daughter at a shopping mall in the UK at a time she was supposed to be in school.

She said the girl had told her that she was having extra classes in school, so she was surprised when she spotted her at the mall when she went to buy something.

In the clip, the woman called out her daughter’s name, Noel, and beckoned on her to come closer.

The student was also shocked to see her mother so she asked what she was doing there, but the woman quickly turned it around and interrogated her to know her reason for being at a mall when she should be in school.

The teenage girl said she just came to look around and her mum wondered if it was a tourist site.

The little girl was smiling as if she did nothing wrong and she even requested that her mum takes her to the car so that they can go home together, but the woman declined.

Another part of the footage showed when the girl approached her mother’s ride and to enter and head home but she got an unexpected response.

The woman locked the door and refused to let her inside, saying that they did not go to the mall together, so why would she expect to follow her home.


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