Two domestic workers exchange fists after one alleged that their boss’ child belongs to someone else

There was chaos and pandemonium when two domestic staff got into an altercation in the home of their employer over paternity issues.

A video which surfaced on social media showed the women exchanging blows with each other while someone tried to separate them.

It was gathered that the two members of staff identified as Aunty Oge and Lady B respectively, got into a fight after the former allegedly told one of their boss’ children that she has a different father from her siblings.

A source said the girl became confused and devastated after hearing Oge’s revelation that the man she believes to be her father is actually not. This provoked Lady B who took it upon herself to confront her colleague on the issue as she is the designated nanny for the children.

During the confrontation, Oge allegedly landed a hot slap on Lady B’s face, saying; “Who gave you the audacity to confront me? Who gave you the authority to question me?.”

A lengthy scuffle ensued between both parties as a result of the slap. Someone could be heard saying; “Aunty Oge, you slapped a 50-year-old woman.”

The heated fight attracted other domestic worker’s who were forced to come out and attempt to resolve the matter but it was to no avail.

See the clip below:

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