Twitter influencer shares why men experience heartbreak than women

On today’s episode of gender analysis, a Twitter influencer shares why men experience heartbreak than women.

The relationship coach, Àgbà, shared that he did a mental assessment of all the messages he had received from males and females on relationship matters.

According to his assessment, more men had relationship issues to talk about and these were men who had been betrayed, deceived and heartbroken by different women.

He concluded that women seldom experience heartbreak like men and this was because women were not wired to love the men they are dating or married to. He further shared that most women who tried to love their men were treated like trash.

He advised men to learn that women can be unapologetic when they want to move on. In his words, ‘you’ll be hurt’ if you don’t learn this.

He shared even more that women only experience heartbreaks when they feel they have miscalculated their ‘wisdom.’

He strongly opined that women only feel bad after a breake-up when their new partner isn’t well-to-do like their former.


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