Tony Colter passed away: Tony Colter Bluesville death

Tony Colter passed away Friday May 3rd, 2019. According to his daughter, Karley, Tony Colter had a health issue a few weeks ago.

Tony Colter passed away lailasnews

He had been struggling for his life for the last 3 weeks after a heart attack on 4/11.

Tony Colter passed away: Tony Colter Bluesville death

Tony was a beloved On-Air Talent at Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Sirius Radio Bluesville DJ.

Read tributes from Tony Colter’s loved ones, friends below:

  • From Liz Sykes:

My friend Tony Colter passed away on Friday. The Blues community has lost a wonderful ambassador and champion of the music and we have all lost a very dear friend.

  • From Kirk McEwen:

My lifelong friend and mentor, Tony Colter passed away yesterday. I’m overcome with grief at this time and will have more to say in the coming days. It’s because of Tony that my brother and I chose broadcasting as a career. My thoughts are with Doreen, Karley and my brother Mark.

  • From Ron McMillon:

I am truly at a loss for words right now. I just found out that my friend Tony Colter passed away yesterday. He was the first voice that I heard announce my songs on SiriusXM Watercolors. The Lord blessed me to have an opportunity to get to know him over the past few years.

I also had the honor of talking to him a few weeks ago for the last time. My heart is heavy and hurts for his family. If you knew him… his family was his world. Praying for their strength.

You will be missed my friend

  • From Ted Dodson:

Sorry to say that my friend and Sirius Radio Bluesville DJ Tony Colter passed away yesterday. My heartfelt sympathy and condolences to his family and other friends. He was an awesome DJ and a great person. I will always appreciate him playing songs on his shows from us musicians who aren’t famous. It’s a sad night in Bluesville….

  • From Cathy Collins:

So sorry to hear of the passing of Tony Colter. He was one of my favorites on BB King’s Bluesville. My condolences to Tony’s family and his Sirius family as well.

  • From Jeanie Hinton:

RIP Tony Colter. You were a big part of lives on Sirius XM. You were entertaining, kind and the best voice on the air. Sad day.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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19 thoughts on “Tony Colter passed away: Tony Colter Bluesville death

  1. I love Sirius XM Watercolors and hearing Tony Colter’s music. Years ago I heard Watercolors music while I was in a rental car traveling to Vegas and decided right then and there to order Sirius XM for my own car and I’m very proud to say I have absolutely no regrets. Last August when my mother passed away when I got home from work as I was about to go into the house Soultown played my mother’s favorite artist Al Green and of course I stayed in my car and listened. It brought me a little relief but I’ll never forget it. Your dedication to Aretha Franklin after her death was a relief also because she was another one of my mother’s favorites and they both passed away on the same day within hours of each other. Condolence to the Colter family and Sirius XM friends and coworkers of Mr. Colter.

  2. Tony was a dear high school and community college friend of mine. In college, we spent many hours with Laren Izumi playing the card game “Spades”.
    We kept in touch over the years. He was going to come to our last reunion but he was still not well from his back surgery.
    He put me on his friends and family plan on Sirius. I loved hearing him on the air. Especially when he announced his name. I would often say “Hey Tony’ to the radio. He had a great radio voice to go along with his amazing personality.
    I send my deepest and heartfelt condolences to Doreen, Karley, his dear forever friend, Mark and all his other friends and family.
    I am so very sad to loose such a special friend.
    Love, Carol Medina Wright

  3. That smooth voice was unforgettable. Bit Tony will never be. I couldn’t wait to hear him everyday on Watercolors. Rip Tony

  4. tony had my dream job {watercolors host} he brought so much passion and soothing sound to us . heaven must have needed his special talents .be listening again soon GOD BLESS

  5. R.I.P. Tony Colter. You will be missed – the station just won’t be the same without you.

  6. We awaken every morning and turn on Watercolors first thing. It stays on all day until we retire for the night with smooth Jazz through the house all day. Tony Colter was by far our most favorite DJ… This is a very sad day for us…RIP Tony!

  7. I work out of country a lot and when I am in the states I was always used to listening to Tony on Sirius xm. He had a good on air voice and was as smooth in song selections as the smooth jazz he played. Thanks Tony for the sounds and condolences go to your family. We lost a great DJ and I was lucky to be able to tune in to his show and kick it hard driving down the highway listening to this man getting his groove on.

  8. I am saddened and shocked my condolences to his family and to all at Sirius Xm who worked with him that wonderful voice in the night .will be truly missed.

  9. Very sad to find out that my favorite voice on Watercolors has been silenced forever. You kept us company on many roadtrips. RIP, Tony.

  10. My condolences to Tony Colter’s family. I thoroughly enjoyed his broadcasts and his absolute depth of knowledge of jazz and blues. He certainly can be considered a legend of the jazz and blues scene. R.I.P. Tony.

  11. Wow…I was really sorry to hear of Tony Coulter’s passing. As a Watercolor’s listener from the time I get up ’till the time I go to bed at night, Tony was my favorite DJ with his smooth voice
    plus he always seem to have the best playlist. He’ll be missed. RIP Bro’

  12. His death creates a significant hole in the lineup of the Water Colors of C-Jazz hosts. He was a great voice and will be sorely missed.


  13. There is music in Heaven when the Angels sing.
    Tony will truly be missed.
    Listening to him was my therapy.
    The transition is bittersweet; the suffering no more.
    My condolences to his family.
    The HeavenlyBand is awaiting you at TheGate.
    Peace be

  14. Tony was my favorite DJ. I’ve listened to him for years and years. It’s been over 5 months since he passed and I still miss him. His voice was like a warm hug. You are so very missed.

  15. Just riding in my car tonight(feb18 2020) and the DJ spoke of Tony Colter in the passed tence so when I got home I googled his name.So sorry to hear of his passing that cool smooth voice that melts ice will surly be missed.Rest with GOD Tony and Prayers to the family.I was out of the loop for awhile

  16. I’m so sad and shocked about Tony Colter. I had not heard his awesome voice on the Water Colors XM Radio show in a long time and I started to wonder what happened to him. I thought perhaps he had moved on to another radio station. So I did a google search and found out that he had passed away. Tony Colter’s smooth, silky voice was a perfect fit for the Sirious XM Radio Water Colors program. My wife and I love the music of Water Colors. Every time I listen to Water Colors I think of Tony Colter.
    I extend my condolences to the wife and family of Tony Colter. He will be truly missed.

  17. I was never privileged to meet Tony Coulter in person, but his voice was so warm that I felt I knew him. I was introduced to him on SiriusXM Watercolors. Of all the different hosts, his jazz line-up was the best!! I wondered why I hadn’t heard him in a long while. I am sad that he has passed. I miss him.

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