Tinubu orders withdrawal of police escorts from VIPs

The Ministry of Police Affairs have announced the withdrawal of personnel deployed to VIP security duties, to be reassigned to other duties.

Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim, the Minister of State for Police Affairs, made this known on Monday during a two-day management retreat at the Ministry.

He said this is in line with President Bola Tinubu’s directive and the police high command will execute the function.

The minister While noting that the Nigeria Police Force and the Ministry of Police Affairs were at a critical juncture, and currently struggling with the consequences of decades of neglect that have hindered their ability to fulfil their constitutional mandate, she added that the ministry was committed to aligning its efforts to contribute to the realisation of Mr President’s vision for a renewed, highly effective NPF.

Suleiman-Ibrahim said, “The Police Inspectorate Department, in particular, should evolve its operations to focus on robust monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning. Reports must be factual, practical, and evidence-based, and serve as critical tools for enhancing police performance. It must champion the review of the curriculum of the training institutions to ensure they are reflective of the evolving landscape of law enforcement, incorporating contemporary practices and international standards.

“The Police Service Department has multifaceted responsibilities and must rise to the occasion by ensuring administrative optimization, making sure that relevant policies and procedures for the police are in place and up to date while also fostering the adoption of cutting-edge technology. It must be at the forefront of efforts to ensure we evolve an intelligence-led, technology-driven, inclusive, and community-based police force in Nigeria.

“The Planning, Research, and Statistics Department must position itself as a knowledge hub, providing historical insights and conducting cutting-edge research to inform policymaking. By fostering partnerships with renowned research institutions and staying current with global trends, this department will play a vital role in shaping evidence-based strategies for the Nigerian Police Force.

“As you are aware, our key mandates include developing and implementing a harmonized police reform report, amending the Police Act, executing Mr President’s directive on the withdrawal of police personnel from VIP security duties, and developing a community policing strategy, amongst others. We must not see these mandates as mere tasks but as transformative initiatives that can enhance internal security in Nigeria.”

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