Things you should watch out for before getting married – Uchenna Nnanna to singles

Popular Nollywood actress, Uche Nnanna, has encouraged singles to start preparing for marriage well before starting the journey.

She said that even though a lot of her friends got married before her in an interview with Punch, she didn’t let it upset her since she got married when it was convenient for her.

According to Uchenna Nnanna, marrying a beautiful companion is crucial, even though it’s important to seek God’s direction before making such a big decision.

In her words;

“People are not being prepared for marriage, and they are not defining what they want. Are you getting married because your mates are getting married? Or are you getting married because you feel you are ready for it? Most of my friends got married before me, but I got married on my own time, and today, I am enjoying my marriage.”

It is important to seek the face of God before getting married. For the females should watch their partners. How does he treat his sisters and his mother? That will tell you how he will treat you.

For the men, they should observe the way the lady they want to get married to treats others, and even beggars on the street. How does she treat children running around your compound?

Those are the things that will tell you the kind of person she is. It will be hard for a man who treats his sisters and mother well to hurt one. When one is married to a kind partner, there will always be a way to sort things out when there is a crisis.”

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