“The lion’s offsprings cannot be used for sacrifice” – Happie Boys speak again

Happie Boys, a group of Nigerian boys who were sponsored to Cyprus by the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, have shared a controversial post online.

In a recent post on Instagram, the Happie Boys wrote, “the Lion’s offspring is never used for sacrifice. The bone go choke your neck!”

This is coming days after they took to social media to criticize the Apostle for allegedly abandoning them in Cyprus after only six months.

The Happie Boys were granted scholarships by Apostle Chinyere to study in Cyprus, after they were sacked from their former place of work for dancing on duty.

However, the group claimed that the Apostle abandoned them after only six months, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Apostle Chibuzor had sponsored all their travel fees and placed them on scholarship in Cyprus. The post by the Happie Boys has generated a lot of interest on social media.

Dianalaryeanaa reacted: “You should actually keep mute over this issue for your own good at least till everything is over since you are still apologizing to him.”

The_real_tobe_official said: “Wetin happen again? Make una no come drop apology videos like series ooo🤦🏻‍♂️ Hi Fans📸😒.”

See the post below:

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