Temmie Ovwasa slams people dating people far younger than them

Temmie Ovwasa, the controversial Nigerian singer, has given an opinion on people dating partners who are way younger.

She tackled people in their 30s who date those in their 20s and expect them to have life figured out.

Temmie, in a series of posts put out on Twitter on Friday, December 23, said she finds it disturbing when 30+ people date younger folks who just finished becoming teenagers.

The openly gay singer, who is very vocal about her sexuality, further questioned why an adult will want to date a younger person, instead of their age mate.

She wrote: “If you’re in your 30’s dating someone in their 20’s (number 1, why?)

If you are, and you expect them to have shit figured out as much as you do,

You don’t have sense, Mummy Please go and date your mate.

This shit is rampant within the lgbt community,

Don’t you think something is wrong with you developmentally?

I’m not even looking at it from an ethical standpoint now, I’ve been with women that were decades older than me and I refuse to grow up into that kind of person.

Why do you have so much in common with someone that just finished being a teenager?”


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