Speed Darlington drags Mr Jollof for endorsing Tinubu

Nigerian singer, rapper and internet celebrity, Speed Darlington has attacked comedian, Mr Jollof for endorsing National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to become the next President of Nigeria.

Mr Jollof warns followers criticizing him for endorsing Bola Tinubu for president - Kemi Filani News

Speedy went on Instagram live and accused the comedian cum activist of being a sell out who can easily be bought by the highest bidder.

The entertainer said that Mr Jollof is a fake activist who would endorse anyone for money.

In trying to buttress his point, Speed Darlington noted that if he offers Mr Jollof a very huge sum of money, he would start campaigning for him.

He said that the comic star has no integrity and he is all about the money, and that’s why he collects money from anyone to give them his support, whereas he (Speedy) does not sell his endorsement to anyone.

Watch video HERE

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