South African dad gifts his son two new cars, a truck and R1.2m for going to initiation school

A South African boy has been rewarded handsomely by his father for undergoing cultural rite of passage and circumcision at the Xhosa initiation school.

The man reportedly bought a new Golf 8, Toyota Quantum and a truck which he presented to his son together with the sum of R1.2 million.

It was in appreciation of the boy’s commitment to his initiation into manhood which involves spending weeks in a mountainous area under harsh conditions.

Sharing photos of the car on Twitter, a man wrote; ”This past weekend a young man was presented with a new Golf 8, a truck, Toyota quantum and R1,2 million as gifts for going to Xhosa initiation school Umgidi ka boy in Delmas by his father”

Every year, families of Xhosa boys aged between 15 and 17 take them to an initiation school to spend time in secluded bushes and mountains where they are taught about how to be upstanding men in society.

They are usually under the care of an “ingcibi”, a traditional surgeon, and an “ikhankatha”, a traditional nurse.

See more pictures of the gifts;

The circumcision season in South Africa typically falls either in June or in December.

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