Soso Soberekon declares war on traffic robbers after they an attempted robbery

Nigerian music executive, Soso Soberekon has declared war on traffic robbers after his car got damaged by the criminals while he was on Lagos traffic recently.

Soso shared a video of his exotic Range Rover with its front windows and some other parts damaged and revealed it was done by robbers in Lagos traffic.

He then declared war on any questionable person he sees in traffic, whether they’re beggars or mere pedestrians as he says since the government will not protect him, he has to protect himself.

Beckoning on the state government to handle the crime that’s being faced by road users on a daily basis, the music executive wrote,

@jidesanwoolu the traffic robberies in lagos is getting too much,do something as soon as possible. From Lekki express way,Freedom way,Ojota,Oshodi no where is safe. As for you robbers that tried to rob me, Shey una see say no be everybody way eh easy to rob from?

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