Sophia Momodu rants continue, says she is yet to start

Davido’s first baby mama, Sophia Momodu has continued to rant on social media while dragging the singer into her posts.

She had earlier stated her intention to change her daughter’s last name from Adeleke to Momodu while insinuating that she’s playing the role of both a father and mother.

Following this, a netizen warned her about people misinterpreting her statement and in response, she noted that she hasn’t started yet and the truth is bitter.

Another follower who might be facing similar situations narrated how her baby daddy got married to another woman, yet still wants to continue sleeping with her and when she resisted, he stopped catering for their child.

Responding, Sophia who seemingly insinuated being in similar situations wrote: “since you’re the mom & dad, I hope you walk tall and keep your head in every room you walk into. God sees you. Speak your truth.”

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