Some Influencers are in Debt to Meet Fans Expectations- BBNaija Jenni O

BBNaija star Jenni O has claimed that many influencers have fallen into debt while attempting to meet the public’s lofty expectations.

The reality TV personality took to her Instagram page to shed light on the drawbacks of being a public figure.

Jenni O asserted that leading a life as an influencer often entails pretending.

She noted that people become dissatisfied with authenticity, even criticizing unedited photos shared by their favourite influencers.

According to her, some influencers have resorted to borrowing money in order to keep up with the unrealistic standards set by their fans.

In her post, she expressed, “Nigerian influencing consists of a fake lifestyle. Everything is so artificial. If you post a genuine picture, it becomes a problem.

You can’t dress in public because you don’t want to appear a certain way. Some of your favourites are in debt as they strive to meet the excessively high expectations you have set for them. Nothing is genuine.”

The reality Tv show star also mentioned that renting items to project a specific image in Lagos is possible.

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