Social media reacts as couple holds traditional wedding by riverside

Traditional couple cause a buzz as they deviate from the norm to hold their wedding ceremony by the riverside with the water goddess as a witness.

The couple who hold a different religious belief held their wedding ceremony in a unique and less-often-seen way.

In the clip that was shared online, they were seen wearing white attire for the event.

They spread a piece of clothing on the ground beside the river as they said their vows to each other.

Friends and family were also present to witness their bonding as husband and wife.

They also did libation as part of the marriage rite.

Read comments below:

official_brojussy said: “Tomorrow any man man or woman that marries your children will now start suffering for not continuing the sacrifices these parents are performing now. You willl hear something like, your father and mother promised the water goddess that you will serve her as a continuity. Omo all man needs to do good findings before getting married no be only genotype and blood group should be our concern before marriage”

officialkingemmani said: “E don turn riverside cause dem no decorate am. If dem decorate am e go be beach wedding 😂😂”

thereal_dannybravo said: “Jesus is the only way. All other gods are sinking sand”

giftie_g2 said: “God Abeg o I just pray in the future my children won’t be class/schoolmate with theirs cuz this things irritates me 😢”

Watch the video below:

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