Social media abuzz as Sharprite opens right opposite Shoprite in South Africa

Social media is abuzz after some people found it weird that just opposite the popular retailer Shoprite on Robert Sobukwe street in Sunnyside, Pretoria, there is a store named Sharprite.

While some see it as “pushing your luck” due to the familiarity, some think the competition between Shoprite and Sharprite is welcomed.

As one stands outside the door of Sharprite and looks on the “sharp right” turn, opposite the street you find Shoprite.

Observations made by reporters revealed that while a lot of the foot traffic is at the Shoprite as people buy daily essentials, including cold drinks and water. A few people also entered Sharprite to buy tools and other essentials.

While Shoprite, which is one of Africa’s leading brands is owned by South African, Christo Wiese, Sharprite is Chinese-owned.


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