Singer FUSE ODG racially profiled by police in the UK

Award-winning UK-based Ghanaian musician, Nana Richard Abiona, popularly known as Fuse ODG, has shared a video revealing how he was harassed over the false claims of possession of hard drugs about three months ago.

In the said video, Fuse ODG and his business partner, Andre Hacket, who were said to be returning from a meeting were stopped and besieged by four officers from the Metropolitan police in Brixton, South London.

During the struggle to arrest them, the police demanded to search their car on suspicion of possession of illicit drugs.

The officers ignored Fuse’s demands to see their search warrant and rather kept him in handcuffs.
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The musician was dragged to a bus where he demanded an explanation for being treated like a criminal.

Stating their reasons to search the car, the police said they perceived a smell of cannabis as soon as they approached their plush Range Rover Evoque.

Explaining why the musician was kept in handcuffs, the officers said it was to prevent both parties from being harmed.

However, after a thorough search of their vehicle, no traces of drugs were found.

This development has somewhat stirred the discussion of racism on Twitter with scores of netizens, condemning the police’s conduct.


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