Simo Kwepe s death: How Simo death happened | Simo RIP

Simo Kwepe s death: Here is how Simo death happened in Capetown on the 12th of April after he was hit by a train. Simo RIP

Simo Kwepe s death lailasnews

Who is Simon Kwepe and what happened to him?

Simo Kwepe was born on the 13th of April 2002 and he was just a few hours away from his 17th birthday when he net his tragic death. He is from Capetown.

Simo Maninginingi Kwepe is the Zonnebloem Nest learner who was killed on the Salt River rail line on the 12th of April, 2019.

Simo Kwepe s death:

Simo death happened on the 12th of April, 2019 after he was hit by a train.

According to reports on social media, Simo Kwepe was killed at PRASA Salt River station. Simo reportedly jumped off a stuck train to get to school on time and met his untimely death.

There are unconfirmed reports on social media that Simo Kwepe’s girlfriend, Siyamthanda Mlumbi committed suicide after she learnt of her boyfriend’s death and that Simo’s mother has been hospitalized following her young son’s death.

Read the comments Lailasnews saw on Facebook and Twitter:


Hi my name is Simo Kwepe I died on 12th of April 2019 day before my Birthday let me tell you the whole Story…

train came from Salt River to Woodstock (Silver train) but stopped mid way😥 people jumped off, everybody was quick because another train was going the opposite way to Salt River.

I didn’t even notice the Incoming train because I concentrated on Jumping so my eyes were focused down😔so as I jumped off everybody was shouting “yey iyeza and I couldn’t believe how fast it was then a huge sound yatsho “BOOM” and the realisation that it hit someone was horrific ,to show its speed it didn’t even stop after it hit him😭Zonnebloem students couldn’t believe what just happened 😭😭😭

  • From Asa Nge:

This is Simo Kwepe born on the 13th of April 2002 from CapeT.
this soul was hit by a train 😭😭💔
on the 12th of April,just hours away from his birthday..this is just sad 💔💔😕

  • From Dzunisani Mathebula

Simo Kwepe Who was hit by a train on 12:04:2019 Before his birthday & Now his girlfriend Siya Who committed suicide After hearing his boyfriend was hit by a train , (simo’ s mother is currently in hospital ii pray she makes it)May the beautiful teenagers soul rest in peace they in a better place right now . 😢💔

– Lets not scroll down without saying rest in peace😢😧

  • From Lekgari:

Korr this life doesn’t have favourites Rip to Simo Kwepe and **Siyamthanda Mlumbi**she was Simo’s guurlfriend 😭😭😭😭she commited suicide 💔💔💔 after the death of her bouyfriend 😭😭thixo 💔💔His mother was even committed in hospital after the news 😭 speedy recovery to her


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  1. What truly happened was unfortunate it is sad and unbearable pain. Condolences to the family it was indeed a tragic death worst part it was going to be his birthday. No one deserves to die like this kodwa konke esadlula kukho mayenziwe intando kababa wasezulwini. Ngithi nje dudu emndenini wonke

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