Sexyy Red denies leaking se*X tape on social media

Rapper Sexyy Red has refuted claims that she intentionally posted her sex tape on social media.

The video in question appeared on Sexyy Red‘s Instagram account on Wednesday. But the rapper dismissed it as “inconsequential” on Thursday, asserting that her close friends would attest to the fact that such a move is out of character for her.

Sexyy Red, known for her bold approach to her music, particularly exemplified by her breakout song “Pound Town” earlier this year, has been a subject of controversy on social media recently.

It was recently revealed that she was seen with a local Atlanta rapper, sparking speculation that their encounter may have occurred without her consent.

This is not the first that a leaked explicit video will be linked to Sexyy Red.

During an interview on the podcast ‘A Safe Place’ hosted by Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad on August 9, Sexyy Red disclosed that a previous sex tape of hers had been leaked online.

She explained that the video was on her former partner’s phone and that it came to light after his girlfriend discovered it following a car accident.

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