Robber arrested after opening a shop to sell items he stole

A robber has been arrested and arraigned in court for reportedly robbing two stores and opening a shop to sell the items he stole.

The robber identified as Trustme Kauzani robbed two shops in Harare, Zimbabwe, and relocated to Gweru where he opened a shop to sell the stolen items.

He was traced to his new location by the police and arrested after a shootout as he tried to evade arrest. He was also shot in the calf during the shootout.

It was alleged that he and his accomplice only identified as Alvin robbed Classic Pose Boutique in Harare on the 19th of December last year.

The duo allegedly assaulted a security guard, who was manning a neighbouring shop, with a blank rifle and a catapult. They proceeded to break into Classic Pose Boutique and stole clothes worth US$23 000. They loaded their stolen loot into their getaway vehicle and fled the scene.

In a separate incident, Kauzani and another accomplice Gainmore Gamunorwa broke into another shop and stole clothes worth US$11 317. The shop located at Galaxy Mall in Harare is owned by Fungayi Muganhiri. Police tracked Trustme Kauzani to Gweru where they arrested him after a shootout. After being apprehended by the police he confessed that he had broken into two shops in Harare.

He also revealed that he had opened a shop and was selling the stolen items hoping to realise a profit. Kauzani led the police to his shop where some of the stolen clothes were recovered.

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