Resilient man born with HIV takes netizens through his growth period

A resilient man born with HIV takes netizens through his growth period.

The man, Marcus Mohammed, shared a TikTok video where he made picture slides of himself from whhen he was little till the period he became an adult.

In the video, it was seen that Marcus was resilient and didn’t give in to defeat because he was born with HIV. He did all he could as a normal person and is now living a good life.

In other slides of the video, he featured his lovely wife and beautiful children. Because the virus was undetectable in his system, it is untransmittable – meaning he could get married and not transfer the virus to his wife and kids.

He sent out a word of encouragement to other patients with HIV, helping them know that being a carrier isn’t the en of the world.


All my life I’ve been fighting HIV. I am not alone in this fight. I fight for my healing and for the healing of over 40 million ppl living with HIV or aids. Let’s keep pushing family and never give up. Keep praying, keep the faith and keep working! I hope to not only inspire others but want to educate others that you can live a healthy life with HIV and if one is undetectable they cannot pass the virus to someone else. My wife and children do not have hiv! #hiv #hivpositive #hivaids #hivawareness #hivprevention #aids #aidsawareness #healingjourney #healingvibrations #inspirationoftheday #overcomeobstacles #spiritualjourney #takecareofyourself #prayerispowerful #prayerworks #prayerchangesthings #blackhealthmatters #blacksuccess #blacklove #blackmarriage #blackfamily #loveself #lovegod #healthmotivation #healthmatters #dontgiveup #allmylife #keepgoing #butgod #allahisthegreatest #marcusmuhammad7

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Many persons were encouraged by this video and a few comments were made;

@Ariale: “My cousin had Hiv she birthed 2kids Hiv positive who by ages 2 and 3 tested negative and have wonderful lives now God bless u and ur family ”

@Violet Lindiwe Banda: “Hugs from me, we are together am now 31years old living with HIV…cheers to more years”

@ANGEL : “Strong Hero. God gat your back forever.”

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