Reactions as uniformed men spotted escorting Kiriku at his 9th birthday party

Mixed reactions as uniformed men alleged to be members of the Army are spotted safeguarding the kid comedian, Kiriku at his 9th birthday party.

The little boy turned 9 years old on the 17th of December and he celebrated his birthday by releasing handsome photos of himself.

What has caught the attention of folks on the internet was the presence of uniformed men who stood immediately behind him.

It is supposed that they are members of the Army and are present to safeguard him.

Comments as gathered on social media

marshal_brown commented: “Nigerians no just get regard for army, instead let Dem be going for bouncers and police men long as it’s not a political issue dat needs standard forces like army, navy, airforce… No matter the fee aje make them no dey see our army men finish. Like now Dem go come dey answer that boy sir abi na wetin, e no plum na…e dey pain me oh cos I gather brothers their…”

gaskia_youngwayne commented: “Later army go come use cloth brag online yen yen ur boyfriend can’t wear this”

agba_poly_gold001 penned: “The #goals is to become successful”

nado_moni_ asked: “…. watin e come mean if army guide am, make una still see where kidnap the boy ?”

danielmezie21 said: “Deep down this is wrong you can see such happen in white country’s”

onlyllegendarybabz penned: “Make money oh”

Watch the video …

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