Policeman almost stabs skit-maker for dressing as a woman

A Nigerian content creator, Kizzaddy has shared his recent encounter with a policeman who questioned him for crossdressing.

In a video he posted on TikTok, the police officer nearly stabbed him after a confrontation happened while he was shooting a skit.

Kizzaddy wore a female outfit for the shoot but when the security personnel saw them, it did not sit right with him.

He asked the skitmaker to show him his bust region to prove he was truly a woman and it resulted in an argument.

He ordered kizzaddy to remove the clothe if he wants to be left alone, but he refused, saying that he cannot show his body.

The police officer proceeded to bring out a knife and waved it the air in an attempt to stab the comedian who screamed out in fear.

There was a brief struggle as the policeman tried to take off the scarf kizzaddy used to cover his chest area.

Watch the video below:


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