Pieter Howes death: At Botha’s son Pieter Bosch Botha dead

Pieter Howes death was announced by his father At Botha who wrote on Facebook in Afrikaans:

Pieter Howes death lailasnews

“I just want to let all my friends know tonight that my youngest child Pieter has passed away.

I’m struggling to process it, and know that with all my FB friends, I won’t be able to answer your messages. I know you care, and that’s enough. Love, At.”

At the moment, Pieter’s cause of death is not yet known.

Pieter Howes death: At Botha’s son Pieter Howes dead

South African Pieter Howe’s original name was Pieter Bosch Botha, before he got married and changed his surname to his husband’s, Howes.

He was an actor, theatre director, playwright, and television scriptwriter. Before his death, Pieter was also a political and social commentator, founder of The Enwhitenment Project.

Bio on Twitter describes the project as “a social collective that aims to build awareness of all things related to Whiteness in order to bridge the racial divide.”

Pieter wrote for publications including US-based website The Inquisitr.

Howes was last active on social on May 3rd. Among his last tweets was this one where he said he wasn’t afraid of death:

I’m not afraid of the moment of death. Never have been, because as much as we weren’t aware of ourselves before we existed, so too you won’t be aware that you have ceased to exist.

What I do fear, however, is that I’m wrong and I get reincarnated, doomed to live here again.

Read touching tributes from Pieter’s loved ones and family:

From Tumi Sole:

Just learnt of @PieterHowes ultimately passing. Condolences to the family and friends. Pieter always had open and interesting views & his wittiness will dearly missed.

Death be not proud!

  • From A Girl Has No Name:

Darling @PieterHowes

You were a bright, enduring flame of righteousness in an often unjust world. I will miss your voice and your constant and unwavering belief that people should default towards love and not hate.

I wish we could have just one more evening on the deck. RIP.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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