Peruzzi threatens to sue social media user over doctored tweet despite apology

Nigerian singer Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, popularly known as Peruzzi, has threatened to take legal action against a social media user who doctored a screenshot of a supposed tweet by him claiming that his record label boss, Davido, cut him off because of his alleged affair with his wife, Chioma.

Peruzzi had on Wednesday disowned the viral doctored screenshot that claimed that he made an incriminating tweet about Davido and swiftly deleted it.

Following his rebuttal, the social media user behind the doctored screenshot, @belikebaddy, apologised to Peruzzi and Davido on Thursday and promised not to repeat his action.

“I apologize for posting an edited tweet which involved @peruzzi and @davido. I take full responsibility for all my actions have caused, and I promise it’ll never happen again. My apologies to DMW Management,” he wrote.

However, after reposting the apology tweet, Peruzzi said he was still going to take legal action.

The singer wrote: “Yall retweet this, so he can have money for court.”

In another post, Peruzzi said: “God forgives, I do too. But not this time. F**k that.”

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