People said I was cursed: Woman who lost 6 children at birth

A woman from Nairobi, identified as Margaret Wamaitha recently shared that she had had seven pregnancies through a cesarean section in which she lost all six of them during the operation leaving only one baby alive.

The woman claimed she was cursed, and regarded as having sacrificed her six children at the time of her pregnancy, while pastors used her story against her.

Following the loss of her most recent baby, she expressed her decision not to pursue another pregnancy, explaining that she had already endured an immense amount of hardship and was unwilling to experience further pain.

Margaret Wamaitha revealed that she had been subjected to numerous hurtful labels by people, and some even went as far as associating her with a cloud of bad luck, believing she was cursed or had a dark omen following her.

In her words:

“People said I was cursed. Others told me to get old people and a goat so that they could slaughter it and cleanse me”.

According to the woman, some of the people she knew had counseled her to consult a witch doctor who could assist her in finding out the root cause of her situation.

Margaret Wamaitha’s struggles were not limited to society; she also experienced opposition even within the church. Despite being a mother of one, she faced challenges and resistance from people within the religious community as well.

“Pastors would use my story against me, claiming I was stubborn, which was why God was taking away my kids. Others dared to tell me I was sacrificing my kids,” she said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Wamaitha expressed a profound sense of hopelessness as she shared her story. She explained that the loss of her babies was not her fault.

Out of her seven children, only one, a resilient and lively girl named Precious, survived. Wamaitha described Precious as her source of strength and support. Following the loss of her seventh child, she made the decision to close the chapter on attempting to have any more children.

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