People ignored me due to my height – Singer Lade

‘Adulthood Anthem’ hitmaker Omolade Oyetundun Rachael, widely known as Lade has shared a sadden phase of her life in a recent interview.

According to the singer, a lot of people looked down on her because of her height. Lade in an interview with BBC Pidgin said she was snubbed by many even after she started doing music.

The singer/songwriter is currently making headlines after her song “Adulthood Na Scam” went viral. A lot of people have embraced the song because they can relate to the lyrics of the song. The song outlines the responsibilities that come with being an adult and also touches on how parents and elderly people make it look like being an adult is a problem-free life.

Speaking to BBC Pidgin, Lade said, “Hustle inspired ‘Adulthood Anthem’. It’s about the stage I’m in now, where I have to work to get myself whatever it is I want. I can’t go to my parents and ask for things. I noticed it wasn’t only me going through that,” Omolade said.

“Many youths in Nigeria are in that stage as well. They have to do things for themselves. I felt everybody was waiting for someone to put it in a song. I grew up being pampered and given so much attention.

“But I didn’t know adulthood is so much tougher. I didn’t know that the experience that was awaiting me was tough. The fact that I had to start doing things for myself is hard.

“My, journey started in 2020 during the lockdown when I was stuck at home. I started doing cover for people. I did ‘Duduke’ by Simi. It gained attention and my boss liked it. He said I should come to the office to do some work.”

“We got jobs from other top brands later. Music is what my mind has been set on since 15. In secondary school, I asked my dad to send me to a music school. But parents will be parents.

“People looked down on me not just because I’m a woman but also my height. Now, the story has changed.”

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