Pastor who pimped her daughter to men – Killaboi blasts mum of girlfriend he allegedly murdered

Nigerian murderer, Killaboi has accused Cordelia Okonye, the mother of his late girlfriend, Augusta, of pimping her out to men while she was in a relationship with him.

He made this damning allegation after his girlfriend’s mother took to social media to seek justice for her daughter’s death and accused him of intentionally killing her daughter, in contrast to his claim of it being a mistake.

According to Killaboi, he didn’t want to spill their dark secret but felt compelled to do so due to accusations that he killed his girlfriend and harvested her organs for ritual purposes.

He explained that on the day of the murder, he confronted his girlfriend after discovering her messages with her mother. In an attempt to protect their secret, she brought out a knife to attack him but he managed to wrestle the knife from her and ended up fatally stabbing her to death.

Killaboi further revealed that he has three sex tapes of his girlfriend with other men, which her mother was aware of. He also released a voice note of Augusta’s mother threatening him against sharing the sex tapes with the police, in order not to tarnish her image and her church.”

He wrote,

“@cordeliaokonye you can’t keep blackmailing me in private while selling lies to the public, while twisting the narrative and wanting people to believe the lies and not how you and Augusta played and swindle me.

What’s do we call a pastor that pimp her daughter to men while in a relationship with me called?
Should I talk about how you all swindled me, played and set me up to be extorted and betrayed me despite all I did for the family but let’s leave the conversation for another day.

Should I talk about the 3 sextapes with 3 different men that was shoot on me while we were in a relationship? I have them and you have them too.

Augusta tried to take my own life, after I took her phone to read her messages with you after I suspected a foul play, She was ready to end my life to keep those secret with her mom, if my hand didn’t caught that knife I would have been the dead one today but God no be man.

My only regret was retaliating after catching that knife which i feel bad about and that made me a murderer today which I never denied, despite all this thing I have been try to still cover up and not say a word. I was ready to pay but only on fair grounds before you tried to twist the narrative with lies and blackmail which I can’t take anymore.”


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