Pastor Jimmy Odukoya advises married women on how to keep a man happy

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya highlights the importance of married women keeping their husbands happy, for those who neglect their spouse’s needs.

The head pastor of Fountain of Life Church, emphasized the significance of fulfilling a man’s emotional and physical needs in order to maintain a strong and lasting marriage.

He urged women to prioritize communication, respect, and intimacy in their relationships to ensure their husbands remain satisfied and committed.

Pastor Jimmy went further to use his mother as an example for women.

He stated that her mother never allowed anybody else to serve his father’s food while he was alive. Pastor Jimmy Odukoya emphasized on how his mother was revered outside, but in their home, she always regarded her husband as a King.

Pastor Jimmy also pointed out the attitude of some married women toward their husbands, noting how some of them are always very rude to their husbands while being nice to other men outside.


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