Only God can protect us – Lady shocked to see guard dog playing with thief that jumped into her family’s compound

A Nigerian lady has expressed disappointment in the security dog her which failed in its primary duty of safeguarding the family house.

She claimed that a suspected thief jumped into their compound and when the dog saw him, it started playing with the man instead of chasing him away.

She shared a video which captured the fond interaction between the suspect and the security animal.

The dog could be seen hovering around him like he was a familiar person or member of the family. When they were done playing, the man jumped out of the fence but the dog’s reaction suggested that it was already missing his presence.

The lady advised other home owners to never feel too comfortable or safeguarded because they have a dog in their compound. She said that everyone should just pray for protection from God.

She said; “Someone broke into our house and see how our dog is playing with him. Never think you are safe because you think you have a security dog. Just pray for God’s protection.

Watch the video below:




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