Obi donates N10million to University in Anambra

The Labour Party, (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi has donated N10 million to Paul University, Awka in Anambra state.

He made the donation on Thursday, April 6, 2023 to the institution owned by the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, noting that with the elections over, he would continue his philanthropic gestures to schools and hospitals, which had to be put on hold due to the campaigns.

The former governor of Anambra state explained that intervention in schools and hospitals was part of his efforts to build human capital in Nigeria and improve infrastructure in such public institutions

Speaking during a visit to the University, Obi recalled that before the campaigns, he was undertaking visits to at least three hospitals and secondary schools every month.

He said: “This is a visit that I would have made since January this year, but as you know, I was involved in campaigns. I didn’t want what I’m doing in the education and health sectors to be mixed up with politics.

“As a person, I endeavour to visit at least three hospitals and three secondary schools every month. As you would see later from the cheque I have for you, it was written since January this year.

“This Paul University is one of the institutions that benefits from my intervention once in a while in my own little way.

“I believe that to solve this country’s problems, we need to invest in human capital development, and this means investment in health and education, which is why I always intervene in these areas all over Nigeria.

“Elections are over and since I am no longer canvassing for votes, this is the time to show interest in my country by continuing what I have been doing.

“That is what I’m here to do at Paul University. I urge you all to keep doing the right thing as I believe that God will at his own time, intervene, and give salvation to Nigeria.”

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Obiora Nwosu and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Chinyere Okunna, welcomed Obi to the institution.

He had worked with them during his tenure as governor, in the capacity of Commissioner and Chief of Staff respectively.

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