Obasanjo tells FG they need to seek advice from Zimbabwe

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that the current administration in Nigeria might consider engaging with the government of Zimbabwe to address the current unprecedented level of inflation in the country

The former military leader and a two-time President, spoke on Monday at a youth leadership symposium as part of activities lined up for his 87th birthday, said Nigeria had Zimbabwe to learn from.

Obasanjo noted that given Zimbabwe’s recent success in overcoming a similar challenge, it could offer valuable guidance to the west African giants.

Obasanjo charged Nigerians remain strong in the face of the current situation of things, adding that the tough must get going when the time is rough and tough.

He also advised that citizens take the situation to God, maintaining that the economic hardship and hunger will not be permanent.

“Committing suicide is not the end of any problem, confront it and take it to God because he could do anything.

“Zimbabwe had this problem recently. Shouldn’t we ask them how they did it even if our approach will be different?

“Even if whatever we shall be doing will be different, we can ask questions to navigate our way out,” he added.

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