OAU student who was assaulted by a lecturer shares his story on what lead to the assault

A student of Obafemi Awolowo University, who was assaulted by one of the university’s lecturers, Dr. Ariyo, has shared his own side of the story.

Recall that a video of a male student being assaulted by a lecturer was shared online recently. The student involved in the viral video has now spoken up about the issue.

The 200-level student, whose name is Gift, took to the microblogging platform X to share what transpired while debunking the rumors surrounding the story.

He wrote,

“What really happened was that I had an 8:00am class which was Supposed to hold at that lecture theatre, on reaching the lecture theatre, I opened the door and stepped in and as soon as I realized that it wasn’t my class cause I didn’t see any familiar faces, I stepped out immediately. I was already on my way down the stairs when a student

Called me back and said the lecturer was calling me, I answered and entered the lecture room. The lecturer (Dr. F.K Ariyo) in his exact words asked, “why are you in my class and who are you impersonating?”, the students in the class laughed as he said this, me also thinking it

Was a joke and wondering how a 200L student would come to impersonate a 400L student laughed and replied “I’m not impersonating anyone sir I just stepped into your class and realized it was the wrong class and i stepped out immediately”, he said I was lying and insisted that I Came to impersonate someone.

He said he was going to arrest me and take me to the school CSO and sent a student to call the security for me. While the student was at that, he asked “why do you have this type of hair?” And I replied saying “this is my natural hair” and he said I was
Lying because men don’t come with this type of hair, I didn’t argue because it’s not the first time someone is saying it’s not my real hair. He asked for my ID card which I immediately gave him, at this time, the security was already there, he gave the security man my ID card and Told him to take me away.

I immediately tried to make a call to my brother who is also a student or my mum to inform them about what was happening and that they might not be able to reach me cause I’d be at the security’s post.

He then said I shouldn’t call anyone and switch off The phone and hand it over, I said I couldn’t hand over my phone because I didn’t know my offence and I just wanted to know what I did wrong. The security man began to drag me by my trousers, I told him to leave me alone but he kept dragging me, Dr. Ariyo then took it up from the
Security and tried to forcefully collect my phone. In the process, he strangled my neck to the wall, broke my phone screen, broke my right index finger, tore my trousers and after collecting the phone punched me in the back of my head, the security man then dragged me out by my Trousers aggressively while I was screaming and asking, “what have I done?”, “why are you dragging me like a thief?”
This is what really went down yesterday. I’m not his student and I wasn’t impersonating anyone”

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