Nkokheli Tyabashe death by suicide – Watch the suicide video

Nkokheli Tyabashe death by suicide happened October 2019. After he decided he had had enough, Nkokheli recorded a suicide video on Instagram, telling friends he was going to Mars.

Nkokheli Tyabashe death by suicide - Watch the suicide video

In the background, Coldplay’s ‘O’ plays as he takes camera shot of Johannesburg night sky. He committed suicide hours later.

Someone who watched his video said Nkokheli Tyabashe seemed almost “happy to die”.

Zheng Fuey wrote on Twitter:

I watched his video. He seemed almost “happy to die”. Sad.😢

I’m on active suicide watch.

The worst was when the one I’m watching told me it would be better to die, because living sucks. It’s hectic pulling them back from that.

So, I understand why he did it.

Nkokheli Tyabashe death by suicide – what happened?

Touching tributes from friends and loved ones who adored Nkokheli Tyabashe are below. May his soul rest in perfect peace

  • From TshembaniB:

it’s funny how everyone is coming out to say depression is real yet you are cyberbullying our celebrities everyday, what an evil world we live in RIP brother #RestInPeaceNkocain

  • From MaNcanana:

I don’t think I’ll ever judge a person for committing sucide. You will never understand the Depth of issues people deal with .

  • From N T O K O. M 🇿🇦:

” I see them posting and saying how much they miss me but back when I was alive & depressed they ain’t never hit me “. -Phora ♥️😭

They don’t give a fuck till you dead. Then the fake ones & the bullies fake praise You.💔


Press play to watch Nkokheli Tyabashe suicide video:

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