Jesse Conger found dead? Here’s Jesse Conger missing update

Was Jesse Conger found dead? Here’s Jesse Conger missing update.

Jesse Conger found dead

Jesse was NOT found in yesterday October 5th 2019 search, but dozens of volunteers cleared a lot of ground from the Scottsdale area.

The volunteers on Saturday had split up into six zones to cover 90 square miles as they continue to search for 37 year old Jesse Conger, who was last seen on Aug. 14.

Jesse Conger found dead? Here’s Jesse Conger missing update

Jesse is a Marine Veteran with PTSD and deep depression. He left his girlfriend’s apartment in Scottsdale Arizona on August 14 and hasn’t been heard from since.

He was taking Xanax and not in his right mind. He drives a silver 2015 Toyota Camry with Nevada License plates 696G03. He left his phone, wallet, ID, and service dog at his girlfriend’s apartment.

According to a statement by his family:

We believe he may have been suicidal, and we also believe he is paranoid and is possibly hiding.

Please share this page and get his information out to everyone you can. You never know who might be the one to find him.

Bill Pulte is offering a $30,000 reward for finding him. Please, please help us. Please help #findjesse before it’s too late

Conger’s twin sister came in from Utah to support the crews looking for her brother. According to Patricia Conger, they’re hoping to at least find his car, a newer model silver Toyota Camry with Nevada plates.

“If we find the car then the county search and rescue and police can start looking for him. Until we find the car, he’s still just a person who drove off.”

Conger was in the Marine Corp for 10 years. His sister said he saw a lot of tragedy, between being a search and rescue swimmer and doing three combat tours. His service took a toll mentally.

“He was extremely paranoid in the days leading up to when he left, he was extremely depressed. We just need to find him.”

Conger’s sister, Patricia Conger, said of the search:

“Possibly losing my brother and then seeing humanity coming together the way that it has has been amazing.

We dread what we might find him out there. But we’re very, very hopeful that he’s just camping, lost track of time.”

Conger has been missing for about six weeks and crews are hopeful they can find him alive.

Bill Pulte, a millionaire and philanthropist, offered a $30,000 reward.

Jesse Conger’s service dog also joined in the search.

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