Nkechi Blessing replies Nina, threatens to beat her over marriage post

Actress Nkechi Blessing has dragged Nina Ivy to the filth for attacking her over a post that is supposedly a shade at her about her failed marriage as she is reported to be married again.

Reports had it that Nina Ivy got married for the second time yesterday and a post came from Nkechi Blessing saying even though she kept her marriage off social media, it still didn’t work and now it has ended and Nina strike back.

According to Nina Ivy, it’s not everything that is for clout and Nkechi Blessing doesn’t know anything about her and doesn’t need to be shading her. Nkechi Blessing has replied to that dragging Nina Ivy that her post is not for her but just a general statement.

Nkechi Blessing then added that she is not the same as other celebrities who cut corners to throw shades at others as she would have mentioned her name directly if that post was for her so she shouldn’t try her as she can drag her to the filth.

Sreenshots below;

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