Nigerians react to Actress Eucharia Anunobi public request for husband

Nigerians have reacted to desperate cry by ageing Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi for a husband urgently.

The 56-year-old actress’ marriage to Charles Ekwu crashed in 2009.

She told BBC Igbo in an interview on Monday that she needed an husband urgently and gave her specification.

“Please, I use this opportunity to tell the world that I want to marry urgently. A great man should show himself and put a ring on this finger of mine.

“My specification is a man who is God-fearing and handsome. He must be up to the task, having everything that makes a man male, you must be complete, that’s all I can say,” she stated.

Nigerians on Twitter have begun to react to Anunobi’s demand for a husband.

Don Foster wrote: “No, it remains small. After they’ve exhausted the fresh oil, it’s now you want who will dry himself in your diminishing body. When it’ll were fresh, you can do without man, now its dry, man now have value. Anyway, good luck in your voyage of search for man.”

Kung fu Kennie said: “I thought you were getting married to someone younger? Saw that on Facebook yesterday. I know someone who’s been fantasising about you.”

Chris Ejiofor stated: “She’s even an Evangelist..She can still marry. Let her wait upon the lord. God’s time is the best…”

Machukwunyere added: “What kind of husband is she looking for at 56yr old?”

Oladipupo Iyowun wrote: “It is not just about finding husband, the question is, are you a wife material? Before you meet anyhow tailor ensure your material is not fake or not wearable.”

Ikechukwu Oko added: “Getting a husband may possibly not be the problem!! Can you submit to him?”

Onkl Sam wrote: “She needs a designer husband that has all the desirable features of an ideal husband. A virgin rich man made in heaven. Sometimes fantasizing can lift someone out of chronic depression. I wish her well.”

Ciroma Adekunle tweeted: “She could get one on jumia.”

According to Parable Joseph Ajana, “You’ve missed it already. It’s like someone who’s praying for patience but wants it NOW!”

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