Nigerians don’t believe I’m on same level as American artistes – Burna Boy

International Afrobeats and Dancehall performer, Burna Boy, has expressed his dissatisfaction of not being respected enough by Nigerians.

Based off entirely on how he sounds, he claims that his countrymen do not feel he is on the same level as American music icons.

Burna mentioned this in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, where he discussed how his countrymen frequently place up-and-coming American rappers ahead of him.

The artist stated that his next album “I Told Them…” is a lighthearted retort to those who have tried to defame him in the past and presently.

The self-styled “African Giant” stated that American songs used to dominate the playlists of Nigerian media outlets, but that has changed due to the explosion of afrobeats.

Burna Boy said; “To this day, there’s many Nigerians who can tell you an American rapper who just started their career, and they’ll say they’re bigger than Burna Boy.

They don’t understand it. They’ll say, ‘There’s no way someone who talks like me, can even be on the same level as an American artist.”

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