Nigerian woman reportedly pays ex-boyfriend to sleep with her

A Nigerian lady identified as Gift Uzoegwu claims that she knows a woman who pays money to a guy to have intimate exchange in the bedroom.

According to the narrator, the woman pays her former boyfriend for them to sleep together despite the fact that she is in a serious relationship.

Gift shared the story on microblogging site, Twitter in response to Influencer, Sir Dickson who stated that not only men beg for sxx.

She wrote: “Wait, babes never beg you for knacks abi we are going to pretend women don’t beg for knacks?

Have you not seen their reaction to being rejected? Turning them down for sxx is worse than turning them down for relationship. It is easy tonwake up their insecurity.”

In reaction, Gift wrote; “Finally, you’ve said this. Babes Dey beg for knacks. All this ones saying nonsense here might be part of them. I know of a girl that even pays her ex to knack her, while still in a relationship.”


One thought on “Nigerian woman reportedly pays ex-boyfriend to sleep with her

  1. why should we center your vision and aspirations on S****X. what is really wrong with this generation ? this topic is delusional and lacks credence. our youth population should focus on productive ventures. see how we are suffering and unable to fed for ourselves. we are really wasting away as a nation. have you seen how medicines have skyrocketed? how multinational companies are running away? can you state which aspect of our economy is productive? please, lets focus on areas of success and discuss creative ventures please.

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