Nigerian woman recounts how her sister-in-law caused her marriage to be called off

A Nigerian woman revealed on Tiktok how her sister-in-law forced her wedding to be called off two weeks before the big day.

She said that she had been five months pregnant for the husband-to-be.

She also shared how her friends made fun of her for being unmarried and pregnant.

She continued by saying that God would judge the soul who had not allowed her to witness the happiest day of her life.

In her words;

“I remember when my wedding was cancelled two weeks to the event all bcos i was having issues with my sister in-law.. And i as already 5mnths pregnant then.. I cried and refused to eat for 5days cos i felt my life just crumbled right in front of me.”

“My friends make jest of me that i gave birth out of wedlock”

“To that soul that didn’t let me witness the day which was supposed to be the most happiest day of my life.. The Lord will judge you accordingly.”

“Cos as much as i tried to forget am still finally it hard to love.”


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