Nigerian men spoil our women rotten – Zimbabwean man laments

A Zimbabwean man identified as Fainos Kamunda has complained about how Nigerian men treat their ladies specially, causing them to disregard their countrymen.

In addition to voicing his worries on social media, he made a public service announcement warning that any man dating a woman who has dated a Nigerian man should be aware that her attention is diverted.

According to the disgruntled man, Nigerian men spoil Zimbabwean women and even give them allowances for being their girlfriends.

Fainos wrote;

“If your current missus has dated a Nigerian or any west African before muri kungotandara. Her heart is fixated somewhere else. Those Nig8az spoil our ladies rotten.

Apart from providing GIRLFRIEND allowance – they call their woman MADAM. WOMAN with no pimple.

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