Nigerian man writes Physics textbook in Igbo language

Nigerians have showered praise on Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro for writing Physics textbook in Igbo.
He wrote the first Physics textbook in Igbo language and took to social media to show off the book.
Writing on Facebook, he said he was motivated to write the Physics book in Igbo language to preserve the language.
His words read …
“The first ever Physics textbook rendered in Nigerian language (Igbo) is OUT!!!!
Over the years, I have read so many threats facing the Igbo and how it will go extinct. This motivated me to embark on this project that seemed unattainable, for science subjects to be taught in Igbo. I started from Physics. I said I would do it, and I DID IT.
This book is designed in a way that one without formal education can understand Physics. It’s needed in all libraries, schools, homes and for individual use.”
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